In a recent interview, retired Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon shared that he is one of the people who has contributed to the design for the 2028 Olympic games logo.

Per E! News, he said, “So, the L.A. 2028 games is the first Olympics that has this interactive logo. And they had different creators make different A’s that go in the logo, that’s like ‘L.A. 28.’ So, everyone had a different A and their A sort of embodied and represented what L.A. meant to them.”

He revealed that along with him, many other notable athletes and celebrities are also contributing to the design. Some people include Billie Eilish, Allyson Felix, Reese Witherspoon, and Gabby Douglas.

Adam says, “It’s so cool, because everyone has this really excellent and amazing backstory on theirs.”

He also adds, “And, I love my A, but I was looking through all of the other A’s today and I was like, ‘Mine is so basic.'”

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