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Isn’t there a less REPULSIVE way to try to scam a restaurant out of a few dinners?

Two guys in their 20s recently went to a barbeque restaurant in Blackburn, England, and they complained they’d found a hair in their food.  So they wanted their $90 dinner comped.

But when the staff checked the security footage, they found what really happened:  One of the guys had stuck his hand into his shorts, grabbed some of his own HAIR-DOWN-THERE, and sprinkled it on the food.

The manager confronted the guys over the scam and it turned into a 10-minute shouting match.  Finally, the guys threw $26 at the manager and left.

The restaurant reported them to the police.

Gello wrote a song about it! Wanna hear it?? Here it go! (Click to listen!)

(Here’s a surveillance shot where you can see the guy reaching his hand into his pants.)

(This Is Lancashire)