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Think you can take a break from Facebook? If you can, you could get paid.

Facebook is actually motivating some users to log off for once!  They are doing this to determine social media’s impact on political attitudes and behaviors during this year’s election.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has been sending the survey to some of its users, telling them if they opt in, they’ll be required to deactivate their Facebook or Instagram accounts for up to six weeks.  Some will be required to take a survey before their accounts will be reactivated.

Facebook hopes that 400,000 will opt into the survey, which will be overseen by independent researchers not paid by the company.  The Washington Post says users could be paid $120 for their social media sacrifice. That’s it?! You’re going to have to pay me a lot more to log off as sad as that sounds. Although, I took a long break from social media when going through a breakup and not only did I not get paid, I suffered heartbreak! Come to think about it, count me in!

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