J Steele

3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m

Joe Exotic’s team has arrived to DC to deliver a pardon request to Donald Trump.

According to TMZ, the Tiger Team leader, Eric Love flew into D.C. with Joe’s lawyers to deliver a 257-page document that proves Joe’s innocence.

You can bet they have a Trump bus with them and they feel very confident about their attempt this time around.

The 257-page document apparently explains why Joe should be released, including a claim that he was sexually assaulted behind bars.

According to Love, Joe Exotic is also done hating on Carole Baskin and wishes her good luck on “Dancing with the Stars”. WHAT?!

I’m willing to bet that if he did get pardoned and he becomes a free man, he will get a reality show, make a ton of money and bash the hell out of Carole Baskin! That’s his shtick, why would he change it now? This will be interesting! I’ve seen Trump do crazier things!

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