I’m a mom of a 10 year old and this year has brought us many obstacles to overcome…and that’s putting it lightly!  Can we fast forward to 2021 please!  One of the obstacles I’m facing now, is dealing with my son, Ries, having to learn “virtually”.  School is more than just an education, it’s a place to learn how to get along with others, meet new friends, follow a different set of rules, and many other social skills that you just can’t learn from a computer or ZOOM call. I pray every night that we can go back to in-person learning SOON!

As a working mom, I’m faced with having to juggle the demands of work as well as the struggle of homeschooling. I give my school district credit for providing an organized curriculum, however, in my opinion a 10 year old can not go at it alone.  Every day I need to check to make sure he’s completing all assignments and honestly I can’t do this new math!!  It’s only the first week of school and we’ve both had breakdowns!

The school district’s outline provides a couple of “breaks” throughout the day.  The dilemma I face now, should Ries be allowed to get on his Xbox during those break times??  This is only the first week of school and everyone is getting in the routine of it all, but I’m not sure if playing video games before the end of the school day is appropriate!!

I need your help…  what would you allow?? – Joanna