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(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Yesterday, the Gello Show talked  about how Los Angeles County released the regulations for Halloween and trick-or-treating was banned. Well, LA County is officially taking back its decision on the ban.

Below is a statement according to Los Angeles County’s public health director,

“Our guidelines have been slightly revised, so we’d ask that people go back and look at them to distinguish between those activities that are not permitted by the health officer order — that includes events, gatherings parties — those are just not allowed. They’re not allowed for anything. …The only activities you can have a party or gathering for are with those people that are in your household.”

Even though the ban is listed, it’s still highly recommended for your kids not to go door to door this year.

“Trick-or-treating, we’re highly recommending that it not happen. We don’t think it’s an appropriate activity during a pandemic. … You know, there’s no guarantee when you go trick-or-treating that your child goes up to a house where the person who opens the door is wearing a face covering. And when you don’t know the people opening the door, there’s no guarantee they’re not sick and that the candy they’re passing out that they’ve touched may not be safe for you to want your child to be sharing.”

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