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J Steele

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Something told me that Kanye had something to do with this show coming to an end and I’m not sure if I’m mad at this!

According to an inside source, Kanye made canceling Keeping Up With The Kardashians his ‘final ultimatum’ to Kim during their make-or-break getaway to the Dominican Republic.

The insider also told New Magazine that Kim informed her family of her decision upon her return from their trip.

The source said, She made a vow to him to stop doing the show which he’s always hated as a part of their new marriage pact. Kim is adamant it’s the best decision for her marriage following a string of personal woes this year. Even though her sisters and “momager” Kris tried to get her to change her mind, Kim stood her ground in order to save her marriage.

Look, if Kanye felt the show was coming in the way of their marriage, you can’t hate on the ultimatum. He’s never been a fan of the show and it sounds like he wants his private life to remain exactly that, private!

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