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MIAMI, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 06: Trey Songz attends 'Diesel x Boiler Room: Another Basel Event' during Art Basel at 1306 Miami on December 06, 2018 in Miami, Florida.

Trey Songz is under fire for making comments about 90’s babies! Apparently he didn’t make the post, but he reposted it.

The post read, “Any female born after 1993 can’t cook. All the know is McDonald’s, charge their phone, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot chips and lie.”

Many pointed out Trey was born in 1984 and shouldn’t be concerned with a woman born after 1993.

Someone made reference to his rumored relationship with Lori Harvey saying, he should know since he dates 1999 babies. LOL!

Someone else asked, didn’t we cancel him already?

I am dating someone who was born after 1993 and she doesn’t really cook, she loves McDonald’s, charges her phone, can’t twerk, IS bisexual and loves hot chips. So she checks the boxes for 5 of those things! Yikes!!! Regardless, it’s not the nicest thing to say!

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