(Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

Kanye West recently dropped some news that many folks will be excited about.  There’s a record that could be coming featuring a veteran Detroit MC and a legendary beatmaker from Compton…

On Friday afternoon (Sept. 18), Kanye hopped on Twitter (big surprise) to let off a few more rounds of tweets. Yeezy revealed that Eminem is on a presumed Dr. Dre-produced remix to his Jesus Is King record “Use This Gospel.” The original version features the Clipse and jazz musician Kenny G.

We’re not sure when the track will actually be available, but the collab between the trio is pretty likely as Kanye and Dre have recently been in the studio together. Snoop Dogg let the cat out of the bag (back in June) by telling fans that Yeezy and the former N.W.A. member were in the process of cooking something up.

It looks like Snoop had been sneaking footage of the moment being made, whispering in a video circulating on the web, “Kanye West got some hot music. Shhhhh. Kanye West got some hot shit. Only I can get exclusive footage. Shut up. Kanye West got some hot shit. It’s finna come out. Dr. Dre touched it.”

As we reported, Kanye first teased that Dr. Dre would be contributing to Jesus Is King 2 back in November.

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