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If you’re test driving a car, you want to see if it can handle your most important day-to-day activities.  But that’s a REAL problem when your day-to-day activities are committing felonies.

There’s a 43-year-old guy named Caleb Gibson from Centerville, Utah.  And over the weekend, he went to a car dealership and took a test drive.

But when the car salesman told him it was time to wrap it up and head back to the dealership . . . Caleb wouldn’t do it.

He got on the freeway, started doing 100 miles-an-hour, and cranked the radio so a 911 dispatcher couldn’t hear what the salesman was saying when he called for help.

Eventually the Utah Highway Patrol spotted the car and got Caleb to pull over.

He tried to pin the whole thing on the car salesman . . . but it turns out Caleb has a long criminal history, and his excuse didn’t work, so he was arrested for kidnapping.

Listen to Gello turn his story into a song here!

(Deseret News)

(Here’s his mugshot.)