J Steele

3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m

This has to be the messiest breakup of the year.

Dr. Dre’s business partner, Larry Chatman who co-founded Record One studio just accused her of withdrawing even MORE money from Dre’s business account, even though she was no longer legally authorized.

According to TMZ, Larry claimed that Nicole embezzled $353,000 from the account in late August. The company accused Nicole of criminal conduct in draining the account and fired off a letter. After receiving the letter, Chatman says Nicole stole another $31,457, two days AFTER she was removed from the account.

Based on the amount, that could be grand theft and Dre’s team is threatening legal action.

Of course, Nicole’s attorney is arguing that this is designed to make her look bad and embarrass her.

Nicole’s lawyer, Bryan Freedman, told TMZ, “This is a clear attempt to smear Nicole’s name. As people are well aware, banks do not give out money to people who are not authorized to receive it.”

I’m just wondering how you can love someone so much to marry them and then end up hating them in a messy ass breakup for the world to watch!

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