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(Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

The Lions are off to a horrible start and I’ve wasted two Sundays in a row watching them.  Well, we are not the only ones frustrated with this team..  Detroit’s own Big Sean is too!

Big Sean appeared on ESPN’s First Take and was asked which one of his Detroit teams would be able to turn things around first. “To me, the Pistons have always come through. Obviously from the Bad Boys to the ’04 Pistons team to even now, I feel like the Pistons have what they need,” he said. “I mean, we went to the playoffs last year. I do think the Pistons could come through.”

Now when it came to the Detroit Lions, Sean had a different feeling. Sean spoke of the legend of the “Lion’s curse,” and how he’s tired of “having his heartbroken” by the team’s losses.

First Take | Detroit Rapper Big Sean on Better chance to turn things around: Lions or Pistons?

First Take | Detroit Rapper Big Sean "on fire" Better chance to turn things around: Lions or Pistons? -------------------------------------- Subscribe my cha...

“Here’s the thing, I do think the Lions need to change the behind the scenes of the team,”said Sean. Although there probably won’t be a change in ownership, Sean remains optimistic, “So I do hope the Lions, I’m praying that they get it together. But I’m a diehard, I’m a Lions fan for life, so I’m riding with them either way.”

Do you think the Lions can turn it around??