Before you decide to make yourself look like the most frightening human being alive, maybe it’s good to consider how it works with your career.

There’s a 35-year-old guy in Palaiseau, France named Sylvain Helaine.  And he recently lost his job as a kindergarten teacher.

Why?  He’s covered from head to toe in tattoos . . . and his eyes are surgically blackened to look like demon eyes.  So the kids were TERRIFIED when they saw him.

(Here are some photos:  Onetwothree.)

One three-year-old in the preschool even had NIGHTMARES because of it.  That kid’s parents complained, and he lost his kindergarten job.  He’s still at the school though, teaching older kids.

Sylvain thinks it was unfair for him to lose the kindergarten gig.  Quote, “All of my students and their parents were always cool with me.”

By the way, he says he’s spent more than 460 hours getting tattoos and got most of them when he was 27 because of a, quote, “existential crisis.”

(National Post