Emme Muniz, Jennifer Lopez’s daughter, can officially add published author to her resume. The 12-year-old will release a book of prayers titled, Lord Help Me: Inspiring Prayers For Everyday.

The Penguin Random House website describes the book, saying, “We all have moments every day where we can use a little help. Some are small, like waking up for school or getting along with a sibling. Others are big, like helping to save the planet and all its creatures—especially sloths!”

“But asking God for help always brings us the strength to get through anything. Emme Muñiz shares her own daily prayers to offer families a way to embrace the peace and power of everyday faith.”

Jennifer Lopez shared the news about the project on social media. She later spoke to Good Morning America about her daughter’s achievement. She reveals the project was a few years in the making and was inspired by her love of sloths.

She explained that Emme spoke to her nanny about wanting to do this project. “They just kind of had this conversation, and she was like, maybe we can write a book where we can save the sloths, and we can use the money to save the sloths.”

She adds, “I’m so proud of her to author her first book at 12 years old. She’s way, way ahead of me.”

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