Roc Nation and Jay-Z have stepped up to help protestors from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Per CNN, the rapper paid the fees for those arrested while calling for justice in the death of Alvin Cole.

To recap, Alvin Cole  was a 17-year-old boy who was shot and killed by police on February 2. As the outlet explains,  he was murdered outside a Wauwatosa mall when police responded to a disturbance call. No charges were brought against Joseph Mensah, the officer who shot him.

Two dozen protestors were arrested on Thursday, including Alvin’s mother and sisters.

In a statement, Dania Diaz, director of Team Roc, talked about the incident. She said, “Our hearts break for the family of Alvin Cole and the Wauwatosa community. Not only did the District Attorney’s Office fail to hold Officer Joseph Mensah accountable for killing Alvin, but the local police also arrested and injured Alvin’s mother Tracy and his sisters as they peacefully protested alongside Jacob Blake’s father.”

CNN adds that Jay-Z and Team Roc are trying to get Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the shooting. In July, they also took out a full-page ad in Milwaukee’s newspaper, calling for Mensah’s prosecution.

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