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According to 'Time,' "Janet Boudreau, who used to run the election-supply company Intab, designed a version with an American flag blowing in the wind in 1987. She was shocked by how many people didn’t realize it was Election Day, and wanted to do something to help."

If you work in food, you might be in luck with having some time off with the upcoming election.

Employees at several restaurant chains across the US are getting time off to vote this election year.

Those who work for Noodles & Co (which is one of my personal favorites) will get an hour paid. Those at corporate-owned Yum! Brands locations of KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut will have time too.

Starbucks is encouraging its staffers to volunteer as poll workers on November 3rd, and is offering $75 Lyft credits for rides to and from polling stations.

I haven’t heard of anyone getting the full day off yet because business still needs to continue on even on Election Day. I’ll need to figure my schedule out soon!

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