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Carole Baskin has dropped a bomb: sadly, no, it is not details about her ex-husband. The Tiger King star has announced that she is bisexual.

Per TMZ, she revealed the news during a recent interview. “Carole tells PinkNews she discovered her truth back during the AIDS crisis in the 80s when she was spending lots of time with the LGBT+ community.”

They add, “Carole says she’s always considered herself bisexual and feels she might have been born in the wrong body because growing up she was a tomboy.”

In the interview, Carole states that everything she did as a child was male-oriented. She finally discovered her truth in the ’80s when she dated someone immersed in the LGBT+ community. The outlet lastly adds that although she is married to Howard Baskin, Carole says she could have easily married a woman instead.

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