(Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

This is scary for us women or those with daughters!  Naked photos of you could be circulating on the Internet — even if you never shed a single piece of clothing for a picture.

Investigators with security specialist Sensity on Tuesday revealed they’ve discovered a deepfake bot that used artificial intelligence to strip the clothes off women on the messaging app Telegram. “Today we go public with the findings of a new investigation,” the agency revealed on Twitter. “Early this year we uncovered a new deepfake bot on Telegram, an evolution of the infamous DeepNude from 2019, which ‘undressed’ at least 100.000 women without their knowledge.”

Investigators say the actual number of women who have been “undressed” by the app and shared publicly is 104,852 — but there are likely more.

The internet is getting scarier every day!!  What would you do if you came across a naked picture of yourself online?

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