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It’s not a person who’s gonna be doing the snitching, it’s technology!

Businesses are trying to figure out how to stay safe in the workplace. One solution could be ‘smart sensors’ that track social distancing.

A company called PointGrab has developed sensors that can track the location of people inside the building, and set up alerts when people come closer than six feet.

The company has already deployed more than 10,000 sensors, which are roughly the size of a smoke alarm.

However, some are concerned that the sensors could violate employee’s privacy.

I’m not sure if I agree that it violates privacy since it doesn’t exactly reveal with the employee is doing. However, the last thing I want is some piece of technology snitching on me. I am very good about wearing a mask at work but I’ll be the first to admit that staying six feet away is difficult at times. The last thing I need is to get yelled at for something else!

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