Living That BOUNCE Life

If you are a fan of all the chaos that 2020 has brought, this weird candle might be for you. Flaming Crap has released a candle that has actually smells like 2020.

The website describes the product, saying, “With four fragrant layers, this candle takes you on a sensual journey through the year. Featuring subtle scents of banana bread, hand sanitiser, DIY and wood musks, alongside budget aftershave and an earthy essence, that 2020’s TV icon – Joe Exotic from ‘Tiger King’ would use to attract his next mate.”

They add that all materials are vegan friendly, and the candles have up to 30 hours of burn time.

The English company is selling the product for 14.99 pounds, which is just under $20. They also ship worldwide.

You can purchase your 2020 candle here.

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