(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Want to become a camera pro without having to shelve out big bucks for a photography class? Nikon to the rescue.

The imaging and optics company is offering free online photography classes. Usually, these classes will run anywhere from $15 and $50 each lesson, but from now through Dec. 31, Nikon is inviting photographers access all classes on the Nikon School Online for no cost, according to a statement from Nikon.

With the holidays looking different for a lot of people due to coronavirus (COVID-19), this is the perfect time to try a new hobby, so this truly comes at the right moment.

“Nikon School Online classes are a great way to help anyone brush up on their photography skills and inspire them to capture and share their amazing photos and video with their friends and families this holiday season,” Jay Vannatter, executive vice president of Nikon Inc. said in a statement. “Whether celebrating the holidays at home among loved ones or joining together virtually, the power of imaging helps keep us connected, creative and inspired.”

The classes are taught by a professional photographer. You don’t have to own a Nikon camera to participate, either.

Nikon’s newest class is called “Better Holiday Photos with Nikon Ambassadors,” featuring tips and techniques for getting in the holiday spirit and capturing one-of-a-kind photos and videos.

For more information and to participate, go here.

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