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Here are some ways to cut down on stress and enjoy yourself more, according to The Feng Shui Diva, Robin Bentley.

➠ Tap into your happy childhood:  Go through your childhood photos, a time when you were really excited about the holidays. Put some on display for all to see.

➠ Watch the clutter:  Obstacles in your home can create obstacles in your life, so don’t create them with your decorations. If you have to step over it, duck under it, or squeeze by, its going to add more stress to your holiday. A good cleaning and de-cluttering before you decorate is a good idea. (Great. One more thing for the ‘to-do’ list…)

➠ Chuck the negative stuff:  Everything inside your home has a memory or meaning attached to it. If that memory isn’t positive, why keep it? Get rid of all the negatives and surround yourself with positives.

➠ Anger:  The more stressed we are, the easier it is to become angry. But, it’s impossible to be angry when your muscles are relaxed. If the holidays start getting to you, take an adult “time out” and go limp like a rag doll by relaxing your body without tensing one single muscle. (“Now you kids behave while Mommy takes her ‘relaxing’ medicine…”)

➠ Get a good night’s dark: Melatonin is the hormone that controls our mood and sleep, and it is produced at night, in the dark. Light makes the body think its daytime. You will be in a more positive mindset if you sleep in the dark. That means no light, no TV, no streetlight coming through the bedroom window. (Although your neighbor might not appreciate it when you stomp through his nativity scene to unplug the ‘Star of David’!!)

What do you do to relive holiday stress?