Mike Tyson says he still feels guilty about Tupac Shakur’s death.

Pac was in Las Vegas to see Tyson fight Bruce Seldon in 1996, the night he died in a drive-by shooting. Tyson said he wanted to walk to the ring while a custom Shakur track played in the MGM Grand and that he feels that he pressured Shakur to be there, pestering him to bring the recording on a tape.


“It was a really bad day when that happened….it was really bad,” he told Zab Judah on Vlad TV. “I felt a little guilty about him coming to the fight … me pressuring him (saying) ‘Hey you wanna bring the tape, don’t forget the tape.”

Tyson stated in the interview that after the fight that night, his plan was to join Shakur at 662, the nightclub where the rapper was gunned down by an unidentified shooter. He only changed his plans because he’d recently had a baby and decided to go home to his family instead.  He received the call about Pac’s shooting later that night.

Watch the interview below: