When she leaked her nude - Cardi states that while lying in bed, she realized she had a swollen lip and had Offset take a photo of her. Afterward, she accidentally put the photo on Instagram, and the world saw all of her goods.

Cardi B is going to be starring in a new online series.

She shared a clip about Cardi Tries, saying, “Get ready YALL! Watch me try ballet, stunt car racing and basketball to name a few.”

The trailer for the series shows Cardi in crazy situations like being a teacher, making wigs, eating sushi, and working in a restaurant. In one snippet, she’s trying to do ballet with Debbie Allen. Debbie asks if she’s ever done ballet, and in typical Cardi B fashion, she responds, “I used to be a stripper.”

The show will air Thursdays at 12 noon EST on Messenger and Instagram video chat.  Watch the trailer for the show below.

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