A Milford Michigan woman, Carley Wissner, has opened her Front Porch Christmas Shop where those in need can stop by and shop for free during the holidays.

It started as a simple idea. Carley and her husband, who are both nurses, said she decided to buy a few extra gifts and put them up on a community Facebook page to see if anyone would want them. “I did not expect the response I was going to get,” said Carley.

“It is really hard on the kids, they deserve a Christmas or a holiday,” said Carley Wissner in an interview with FOX 2 News Detroit. “They deserve a break and some fun. I hope that we are able to give that to them.”

Using her Milford home, Carly created The Front Porch Christmas Shop. A simple Facebook post has now grown into a charitable movement that is helping families from all over during the holiday season.

Such an inspiration! Carley Wissner

Posted by Chelsea Stimbert on Saturday, December 19, 2020

As word traveled on social media, donations began to grow. For Carly, who grew up there, it fills her heart to know kids will now have something to smile about this holiday season.