Remember those Mentos breath mints commercials from back in the day? Where someone pops a Mentos and everything works out great?

Yeah… that doesn’t happen in real life.

This young woman walked into a store and stole cigarettes and Mentos before dashing out the door! But her poor judgement didn’t stop there. She then decided to steal an ambulance to make her escape! She didn’t get very far before realizing she couldn’t drive the vehicle and was eventually apprehended.

Kudos to her for trying to prevent cigarette breath…

But did she really think she was just going to hop into an ambulance and drive away??

Check out the full story below!

Pa. police: Robber tried to flee in ambulance

Sarah Cassi The Express-Times, Easton, Pa HELLERTOWN, Pa. - A Hellertown woman accused of stealing some cigarettes and Mentos from a gas station convenience store tried to flee in an ambulance, but couldn't drive it, borough police said. Antoinette Froilan, 19, was stopped by police in the early morning of Jan.