Trey Songz was arrested at the end of the Kansas City Chiefs game after getting in a physical altercation with a police officer.

In the video, you can see an officer trying to detain him. Trey then punches the officer, puts him into a headlock, and starts dragging him. Later, after more security and backup comes to help the officer, Trey Songz is arrested.

Per Page Six, the singer was put on a 24-hour hold. They add that he was arrested for “trespassing, resisting arrest — both misdemeanors — and for assaulting a police officer, a low-grade felony.”

The outlet adds that the confrontation started when Trey was heckled by other football fans. After that, the officer went after him instead of the hecklers. In the video, you can hear people saying that the cop should be arrested, and you can hear people saying that Trey did nothing wrong.

Watch the video below.

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