Dr. Dre is dealing with a lot.  He’s recently dealt with a brain aneurysm, while he was in the hospital his home was vandalized, and he’s also in the middle of a nasty divorce. Now he has to deal with his father talking about him in the media.

Dre’s dad recently did an interview with Page Six. In it, Theodore Young said, “I haven’t seen Andre since his grandfather died and I can’t even remember when that was. We have no relationship. My other sons love me. They tell me they love me. But coming from where I come from, most young men like Andre who have a big success don’t give a damn about their dad.”

There are tons of other controversial revelations in Page Six’s piece on the producer and rapper. They say that Dre hasn’t seen one of his  daughters, LaTanya Young, in 17 years. Also, he has never met his grandchildren, and he has an alleged mistress.

The outlet adds that a source told them, “He can be the nicest, gentlest person, even shy. But if you cross him, you’re f––ed.” Another associate added, “You better not write anything he doesn’t like. We’ll hunt you down.”

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