Living That BOUNCE Life

If you’ve going to be on a Zoom call for work, you might want to take a good look at your background. That’s especially true if you’re going to appear on TV as a pundit from the comfort of your own home. Yvette Amos knows all about that.

According to the New York Post, she was on BBC talking about how people were being “passed over” for jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. No one was paying attention to what she was saying, though. They were instead focused on the sex toy being used as a bookend on her bookshelf.

Of course, Twitter was full of entertaining responses and puns about the mix-up. Some included, “What a c—- up … but in fairness she looks well happy,” “Was that on the 6’o-C—k News?,” and “I think she should maybe have checked her top shelf first!”

See pics and reactions below.

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