The phrase “let’s get African for dinner” might not be as common as saying let’s get “Chinese” or “Italian”, but a group of chefs in Detroit want to try and change that!

41 percent of all Black-owned businesses have been shuttered because of the pandemic. Many Black restaurants, cooks and chefs have been hit the absolute hardest. To help support these businesses, an initiative for the month of February has been introduced that could put around $10,000 back in the hands of Black chefs and restaurants!

(Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET)

‘Taste of the Diaspora Detroit’ is a 4-week series launching this week for Black History Month, celebrating Africa’s contribution to America’s cuisine!

This weekly meal kit features food from Black-owned restaurants supplied by Black-owned local farms to create culturally inspired dishes for weekly curbside pick-up.

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Highlighting African cuisine as well as Creole, Caribbean and Soul Food, each meal comes with an incredible story and sometimes a soundtrack. There will be a QR code you can scan to listen to a playlist of music and read some of the history.

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Their goal is to sell 400 boxes a week and donate 100 boxes. Proceeds go directly to the chefs and local farmers who supply them.

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