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A CATERPILLAR is ugly, it is slow, it is slimy, and it takes all day to go two feet, but when it undergoes the process of metamorphosis and the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, something beautiful is born.  Metamorphosis is the process of something at work on the inside trying to show up on the outside. That business, that book, that project, that career might be ugly, slow and slimy right now, but stay committed to the process because what’s on the inside is about to show up on the outside.

There’s only one reason a butterfly can fly: its wings are strengthened by the work it does to break through the cocoon.  If a bystander were to slit open a cocoon prior to the butterfly breaking itself loose from the cocoon, it wouldn’t fly.  Its wings are developed through the struggle.  No struggle, no flight.  I believe every person is a butterfly waiting to happen. Embrace the struggle that you are in right now, because it is in the midst of adversity that you find your greater purpose for life.  You might be crawling right now, but you’re getting ready to fly!


Practice mastering these 25 DOTS daily to better align with your purpose. When completely connected, you produce a much happier life.