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Creating the look and feel of your home is very important for many homeowners. Many hours have been spent picking out paint samples, furniture pieces, and even cool accent items. Your home’s aesthetic was designed by you, so why shouldn’t the pieces you pick out for your pet look the same? Here are ten stylish dog accessories to match your home’s aesthetic.

Stainless Steel Country Farmhouse Grey Dog Bowl by Jojomodern 

farmhouse style dog bowls

This gorgeous, stainless-steel farmhouse-inspired dog bowl set will fit great in homes that take a page out right out of the Magnolia Farms and Home design book. This classic and timeless design comes in two neutral color options that will help fit effortlessly in your kitchen or home. 

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Fetch Ceramic Pet Treat Jar by Magenta Inc

ceramic treat

For all of your Rae Dunn fans, this Rae Dunn-Esque treat jar will slide seamlessly into your kitchen. The chic look reminds us of those DIY antique mason jars and will fit very well in any Shabby Chic-inspired kitchen.

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Solstice Lounge Dog Bed size Small

geometric patterned dog bed

If your home features a more Mid-Century Modern vibe, this beautiful geometric patterned dog bed will add pop of loveliness to your living room. This bed is machine washable, eco-friendly, and will leave your pup feeling relaxed during their afternoon snooze.

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Wood and Stainless Steel Dog Bowl by 3Tbrands (Tall Tails)

wood dog bowl

For more rustic-inspired interiors, this wood and stainless-steel dog bowl set is a guaranteed win for your canine companion. The bowl is removable and dishwasher safe and will have your pup feeling like they’re dining in style.

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Bowsers Ceramic Dog Bowl by Bowsers Pet Products size Medium

cermaic dog bowl

This simple and sleek modern dog bowl is great for those who love a minimalist design. The bowl is a lead-free heavyweight, ceramic and comes in four different sizes to fit your dog’s standard meal size! 

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Sherpa Puff Dog Bed

dog on sherpa dog bed

Who doesn’t love a little bit of sherpa in their home? If your dog is notorious for hogging your favorite sherpa blanket at night, this Sherpa Puff Ball Dog Bed is a sure-fire way to give them a little bit of soft pillowy goodness. This bed comes in four different sizes to fit your pup, and its neutral cream tone will work beautifully in a farmhouse-inspired living room. 

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Camo Print Lounge Dog Bed 

camo dog bed

Is your dog’s favorite hangout spot in your super comfy, rustic den? This camo bed will be a great addition to both your home’s aesthetic and your dog’s happiness.

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Ceramic Dog Words Dog Bowl by Magenta Inc

cermaic dog bowl with fire hydrant and bone design

How about these super cute feeding bowls? These Ceramic Dog Words Dog Bowls will add a little flair and design to your pup’s eating space. The bowls feature carved eating and drink designs both on the outside and inside of the bowl, making this the perfect find for you Shabby Chic décor lovers.

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Moderno Dog Crate

modern dog crate

Do you crate your dog while you’re away from home? Try this stylish and modern dog crate. The best part about this piece is that it dual functions while your pet isn’t in it. The Moderno Crate is designed as both a dog crate and a side table and will fit very well in a Mid-Century Modern inspired home.

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Seesaw Double Diner Pet Feeder by Pets Stop

metal pet feeder

Lastly, this raised pet feeder is great for homes that love Minimalist design elements. The Seesaw Double Diner Pet Feeder features a clean design that elevates your dog’s food and water. This is especially helpful for pups who tend to eat a bit faster as it will help prevent them from gobbling down their food too quickly.

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Designing a home takes a lot of time and effort on your part. And incorporating a pet into the picture doesn’t have to mean tossing out your design book. These fun and stylish dog accessories are a great way to incorporate your home’s aesthetic into your favorite parts of your living space, all while treating your pet to a little something extra special. 

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