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We can’t argue with this research! There are certain foods that just put you in a better mood!

According to a new survey by Hello Fresh, these are the top foods that help turn around a bad day!

Tacos – 33%


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Bacon and eggs – 32%

Grand Slam breakfast plates

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Steak – 32%


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Fried rice – 31%

Thai fried rice

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Waffles/pancakes – 31%

Belgian waffles

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Mashed potatoes – 29%

mashed potatoes

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Mac n cheese – 27%


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Baked potato – 26%


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Hamburger / cheeseburger – 25%


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French fries – 23%

French fries

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Fried chicken – 22%

KFC Extra Crispy fried chicken

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Pizza – 21%


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Study: How Our Moods Affect The Foods We Devour (Video) - South Florida Reporter

Tacos, steak and bacon, oh my! New research has found the top foods that can instantly put you in a better mood. A new survey of 2,000 nationally representative Americans analyzed the relationship between our moods and the food we eat and found it really is a complicated relationship to say the least.