April 1st. Some people ignore it. Some are in fear of it. Some can’t wait to catch the next sucker with a prank!

A survey by MFour Mobile Research reveals that 25% of people are willing to play an April Fool’s prank at work.

Here are some other findings from that survey that give us an idea of how much people are into April Fool’s Day!

– 69% of people typically take part in an April Fool’s prank.

– 22% of pranksters target colleagues on April Fool’s Day.

– 20% of pranksters target parents on April Fool’s Day.

– 53% of pranksters target friends on April Fool’s Day.

– 46% of pranksters target their partner on April Fool’s Day.

– 2.7% of pranksters have received a reprimand at work for an
April Fool’s prank.

– 17% of people have pranked someone with a whoopee cushion.

– 21% of people have pranked someone with toy bugs, rodents
and snakes.