There are two kinds of people in this world . . . Those that are always on time and those that run on their own schedule!

Kanye West

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With that in mind, a new survey revealed some interesting thoughts about punctuality. Like this one: Anything past eight minutes is considered “late”.

Check out these other findings!

Golestaneh Mayer-Uellner checking the time on her watch

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– 25% of people believe no amount of time is acceptable to be late

imecards In Clocking In Machine

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– 31% of people say they are usually on time

A woman walks past a poster with a clock

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– 50% of people always arrive to social events and work meetings

Study Declares Los Angeles to Have Nation's Worst Traffic

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– 48% of people blame traffic for being late

Woman in bed with alarm clock

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– 22% of people blame their ‘malfunctioning’ morning alarm for
being late

Teenage girl checks and sends text message while waiting in a restaurant.

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– 50% of people have a friend who is always late