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Earlier this week, a teacher at Grosse Pointe Public Schools made an emotional resignation speech to the district’s board of education at a meeting.

The Grosse Pointe Public Schools Board of Education met Monday to discuss new coronavirus protocols for district schools.

At this particular meeting, which was set to determine new coronavirus protocols at the schools, the board voted 6-1 for the new protocols, including changing what defines “close contact” as 3 feet instead of 6 and mandating a 10-day quarantine instead of 14-day period for students in close contact with someone who has COVID-19.

At the meeting, McCarrol took the floor to express his distaste of how things at the district with COVID-19 have been handled.

“You tell us after your meetings that you ‘so appreciate and respect us,’ well I cry bull***,” Grosse Pointe teacher Sean McCarrol said to the board.

He added, “You don’t respect us. If you respected us, you’d listen to us. You don’t appreciate us. If you did, you wouldn’t make our jobs literally impossible to do. If you cared, you would pretend that you’re listening, at least.”

Watch the full video below.

Grosse Pointe teacher roasts Board of Education in public resignation 🎤⬇️💥

Grosse Pointe North teacher Sean McCarroll addresses the GPPSS Board of Education re: their proposed resolution to change quarantine and close contact guidel...

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