Whether we like it or not, household chores are a necessary part of everyday life. They ensure that our homes run efficiently and that our living environments are organized and clean.

While most of us don’t necessarily enjoy cleaning, we do enjoy having a clean house. And in order to have that, we have to take care of those pesky chores!

Woman cleaning the kitchen floor

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Below are the top five chores that people say they enjoy least!

And scroll down for tips on making your chores less of a hassle!

And the Top 5 chores that make us feel awful are . . .

Running errands – 36%

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Cleaning – 32%

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Cooking – 32%

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Walking the dog – 30%

Woman walking a dog

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Taking out trash – 29%

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So what can we do to make our chores less of a pain in the you-know-what??

  • Do the chore for about half an hour then take a five-minute break.
  • Pump up the jams! Music can actually calm you down or energize you, depending on what type of music you choose. We recommend keeping it locked in to 105.1 The Bounce!
  • If you set small, doable cleaning goals, you won’t get overwhelmed by the work.
  • Treat yo’ self! You might not get the thanks you deserve for all the work you put into your home, so thank yourself! A reward like a special treat, a nice glass of wine or a dollar store shopping spree is the least you can do for you!