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Are you and your partner especially affectionate to each other? Do you hug, kiss, and touch each other in front of anyone? Good for you! You obviously love each other and have no problem demonstrating how you feel about one another!

But haters gonna hate.

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Whether it’s their morality or their jealousy, there will always be people that will find public displays of affection (PDAs) inappropriate.

Here’s a list of the 10 PDAs that other people find most uncomfortable witnessing, according to a survey by One Poll.

Kissing a partner in the park 35%

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Having a conversation with a partner in a baby voice 35%

Putting a hand over the shoulder of a partner 35%

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Holding a partner’s hand 34%

Touching a partner’s behind 29%

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Sitting in a partner’s lap around friends 28%

Calling a partner by a pet name 27%

Proposing marriage in a public place 26%

Valentine's Day Marriage Proposal Takes Place At Rockefeller Center Ice Rink

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Giving a partner a peck on the lips 16%

Staring at a partner 12%