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Wouldn’t it be great to know a breakup is coming weeks in advance?

You could start getting your Tinder ready again, start moving out your clothes, and maybe avoid the depression period entirely.

Marital Strife

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But since your partner isn’t going to give you a two weeks notice on your relationship, it’s up to you to figure out when things are coming to an end.

Here are some things relationship experts say you should be on the lookout for.

Communicating With Contempt

Have they started talking down to you? Like they’re superior and you are less than? If they start saying things like, “will you ever learn,” or “grow up,” that’s a red flag.


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Does your boo take everything you say as an attack on them? If they aren’t trying to hear you out, that could be a sign that your relationship is on its last legs.

The Silent Treatment

Space is one thing, blatantly ignoring someone is another. If they’re shutting themselves off from you more often when you’re trying to work through issues, that’s another sign a breakup is around the corner.

Ignoring The Wife

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When your partner calls you out for something, do they concentrate on one thing or do they critique your entire personality? For example, do they say “I wish you wouldn’t leave dirty dishes in the sink” or do they say “oh my god, you’re a disgusting mess and you never help around the house…ever?” See the difference? Bet you can guess which one is a bad sign.

Turning To Drink

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