Living That BOUNCE Life

Have you ever had a horrible roommate, or do you currently live with one who you can’t stand? Well, there could be something good to come out of that bad situation: Hudson Whiskey, a New York-based distiller, is offering a sweet incentive to spill the details.

In exchange for posting the story publicly on social media, they’ll pay half of your rent for an entire year.

In an Instagram post, the brand is searching for the brave folks willing to share their experiences via their public Instagram feeds — yikes! From now through June 23, they’ll be sharing some of the most bonkers stories on their feed. Then, they’ll choose five winners who will then receive half the rental cost of an average one-bedroom based on their zip codes for an entire year. All legal residents in the U.S. over the age of 21 are welcome to enter.

Their caption reads, “Post your roommate horror story in a feed post (no real names!) on your personal Instagram account between June 2 – 23. Tag us and use #HudsonRoomies, #Contest, and #[your two-character state postal abbreviation] (e.x. #NY)”

They add, “If the story is too bad to post, DM it to us! We’ll be sharing some of these crazy roommate stories in the next few weeks, let’s see just how crazy they get!”

Comments have already begun rolling in on Hudson Whiskey’s announcement post — it seems there are plenty of brave souls out there willing to dish the dirt on their roommates. One user wrote, “My old roommate would spend HOURS in the bathroom, not even exaggerating. Like 2-3 hours at a time 😂😂😂 I have no idea what he was doing in there but like it was aggressive.”

Another vented, “My college roommate would hit the snooze alarm 10-15 times every morning. One day he went to class and I took apart the clock and disabled the snooze. No more issues.”

One user commented his story, “Where do I even start…. My one roommate (male, in his 30s) used to refuse to pay his share of the utilities but then would call an Uber to drive him half a mile down the street. He also brought different girls home almost every night and then would ask me to help set him up for STD screenings like basically every other week (I work in healthcare) 😂”

Even if you aren’t participating, the comments section is already filled with more horror stories.

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