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The online resource has just announced their latest word additions, adding 300 new words and definitions in areas relating to culture, tech, identity, slang, COVID and more.

Among the changes and words added:

  • Zaddy – an attractive man who is also stylish, charming, and self confident
  • Silver fox – an attractive older person with gray or silver hair, especially a man
  • Snack – has been updated to include the slang for “a sexy and physically attractive person; hottie”
  • Oof – an exclamation used to sympathize with someone else’s pain or dismay, or to express one’s own
  • Y’all – used to direct address usually two or more people, or to one person who represents a family or organization
  • A**hat – a foolish, annoying, or contemptible person; a**hole
  • Sh*t show – a person or thing that is a total mess, failure, or disaster
  • Side hustle – a job or occupation that brings in extra money beyond one’s regular job and main source of income
  • 5G – fifth-generation, wireless
  • Dplatforming – to prohibit (a person or people) from sharing their views in a public forum, especially by banning a user from posting on a social media website or application

Check out the rest of the words & phrases added below!

From "5G" to "Zaddy": Adds Over 300 New Words And Definitions

The latest update to mirrors, as ever, the world around us. It reflects the evolving landscape-and language-of COVID-19, racial reckoning, social struggles, and the unstoppable charge of technological change. But it also reveals our boundless creativity and ingenuity.