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PHILADELPHIA - DECEMBER 7: A man enters a closed Taco Bell restaurant at Franklin Mills Mall December 7, 2006 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Taco Bell restaurants in the Philadelphia area have closed voluntarily for testing, after five people who contracted an E. coli illness, dined at a Taco Bell restaurant before falling ill.

Okay so I love Taco Bell, especially when I am drunk. I would imagine that goes for anyone. I think I can also speak for those who say they were very upset when they made all of the menu changes. Well, get ready for more!

The good news is that they’re not taking anything away this time. They will be adding two new items.

Get ready for Flatbread Tacos. The Chicken Flatbread Taco and the Beefy Potato Flatbread Taco.

The two varieties are set to be released everywhere this Thursday, July 22nd, but if you are a Taco Bell Rewards Member, you get early access through July 21st.

Can we just bring the Nacho Fries back? How about the Mexican Pizza?!

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