The Morning Bounce

Weekday Mornings 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

AFAIK: As far as I know

AKA: Also known as

AMA: Ask me anything

AMAA: Ask me almost anything

ASAP: As soon as possible

ATM: At the moment

Bae: Before anyone else

B4N: Bye for now

BBL: Be back later

BC or B/C: Because

BDAY: Birthday

BFF: Best friends forever

BRB: Be right back

BTW: By the way

COB: Close of business

CYA: See ya

CYT: See you tomorrow

DAE: Does any else

DIKY: Do I know you?

DIY: Do it yourself

DM: Direct message

EOD: End of day

F2F: Face to face

Finna: going to, intending to

FOMO: Fear of missing out

FTFY: Fixed that for you

FTW: For the win

FWIW: For what it’s worth

FYI: For your information

G2G: Got to go

GR8: Great

HBU: How about you?

HIFW: How I feel when

HMU: Hit me up

HTH: Hope this helps

ICYMI: In case you missed it

IDC: I don’t care

IDK: I don’t know

IFYP: I feel your pain

IG: Instagram

IIRC: If I recall correctly

IKR: I know, right

ILY: I love you

IMO: In my opinion

IMHO: In my humble/honest opinion

IRL: In real life

ISTG: I swear to god

IYKYK: If you know you know

JIC: Just in case

JK: Just kidding

JSYK: Just so you know

KMN: Kill me now

LMK: Let me know

LOL: Laughing out loud

MFW: My face when

MRW: My reaction when

MSG: Message

NBD: No big deal

NGL: Not gonna lie

NP: No problem

NTH: Nice to have

NVM: Never mind

OFC: Of course

OMG: Oh my god/gosh

OML: Oh my lord

OMW: On my way

OOO: Out of office

OOTD: Outfit of the day

OTOH: On the other hand

PNL: Peace & love

POV: Point of view

PPL: People

QAP: Quick as possible

QOTD: Quote of the day

RN: Right now

ROFL: Rolling on floor laughing

SFLR: Sorry for late reply

SMH: Shaking my head

SNMP: So not my problem

SO: Significant other

SRSLY: Seriously

Sus: Suspicious

TBA: To be announced

TBC: To be continued

TBD: To be determined or to be decided

TBF: To be frank

TBH: To be honest

Tea: Gossip, drama

TFW: That feeling when

TGIF: Thank goodness/god it’s Friday

THX: Thanks

TIA: Thanks in advance

TIL: Today I learned

TL;DR: Too long, don’t/didn’t read

TMI: Too much information

TTP: To the point

TTYL: Talk to you later

TY: Thank you

TYT: Take your time

V: Very

WDYM: What do you mean?

WFH: Work from home

W/O: Without

WYWH: Wish you were here

YGTI: You get the idea

YOLO: You only live once

YP: Yes please