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A woman in England was arrested for using her Alexa device to tell her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend to get out of his house!

Philippa Copleston-Warren logged onto her ex-boyfriends Alexa while his new girlfriend was in his home. She flickered the lights before posting a naked picture of her ex-boyfriend on Facebook along with the caption: “Do I look fat??? My daily question”. Philippa then told the new girlfriend to exit the home.

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Woman logged into ex's Alexa to scare off his new girlfriend from 100 miles away

Philippa Copleston-Warren, from Chelsea, London, told her ex-boyfriend's new partner to get out as she accessed CCTV cameras and then posted a naked picture of him on Facebook A woman told her ex-boyfriend's new partner to get out of his house from more than 100 miles away after logging into his Alexa device and CCTV cameras.