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When it comes to dating, we can all agree that first dates are the WORST. From expectations we have for ourselves and the person we’re meeting up with, it can be a rocky road.

To help navigate that journey, Elite Daily has some advice…based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Take things slow.

Taurus: Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Gemini: Stick to your plans.

Cancer: Remember, you only just met.

Leo: Listen to your date.

Virgo: Don’t get too critical.

Libra: Avoid People-pleasing.

Scorpio: Embrace small talk.

Sagittarius: Good conversation is as important as adventures.

Capricorn: Let yourself open up.

Aquarius: Go with the flow.

Pisces: Take off the rose-colored glasses.

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Here's The First Date Advice You Need, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

No matter where you land on the astrological chart, first dates can be tricky. They're pretty much universally seen as the awkward (but necessary) first step in entering a new relationship. That said, there's no shortage of first date advice - from restaurant tips to mindset adjustments.