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A man who looks exactly like Florida fugitive Brian Laundrie has gone viral on TikTok trying to clear his name! The unidentified man who created the @notbrianlaundrie account had nearly 2 million views and more than 530,000 likes since Tuesday. In one clip he asks other TikTokers for tips on how to avoid getting “attacked” for being confused with the man sought in Gabby Petito’s high-profile death. Read more below!

Brian lookalike joins TikTok to clear name after Gabby 'suspect' vid goes viral

A BRIAN Laundrie lookalike has created a TikTok account to ask users for "any tips on how to best express" that he is not the missing man. The social media user, @notbrianlaundrie, has shared a number of clips to the site in the wake of a viral video which claimed to have found Gabby Petito's fiance.