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When Sterling Heights Police pulled over a vehicle on Mound Road for speeding, it wasn’t a typical traffic stop. They found a man in distress and in need of assistance – and it had nothing to do with his car. The 79-year-old driver was crying and visibly upset. He told the officers “everything is going wrong” and explained he needed help. The long-time Sterling Heights resident said his wife is sick and they have an adult son with special needs. The problem on this day was that he had just bought a new TV for his family – but was rushing all over town trying to find the right cables to hook it up. “I really try to drive right,” the man said. “I bought a new television today because I wanted to make my wife happy, you know, and I can’t get it hooked up.” The officers not only spared him the speeding ticket, but they went to his house after their shift and set up the new TV! Very cool.

"Everything's going wrong": Michigan police help man hook up TV after speeding stop

A 79-year-old man was rushing all over town trying to figure out how to get what he needed to hook up his new TV for his sick wife and adult son with special...