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New York Times has released a list of 50 most vibrant and delicious restaurants of 2021, and one of Michigan’s favorite spots is in there. Actually, Michigan only has one restaurant on the list, which is a bit surprising to me. I personally think Michigan has some of the best places to eat in the country, so it would have been nice to see a few Mitten dining establishments on there.

The sole Michigan restaurant on the list is AlTayeb, a beloved Lebanese restaurant located at 15010 W. Warren Ave. in Dearborn.

Regarding AlTayeb, the New York Times sates, “Ali Hamade and his son-in-law, Ahmad Sanji opened the first AlTayeb — ‘the delicious’ in Arabic — as a sub shop in 2017. That original location, in nearby Garden City, dropped the sandwiches after it became locally famous for its weekend-only Lebanese breakfasts.”

They added, “The evolution continued when this larger, convivial location opened last year. The all-day menu includes breakfast dishes like fatteh and makanek sausages with sunny-side-up eggs, along with versions of Levantine staples (cheese-stuffed baby eggplants, 10 varieties of foul and hummus, hot-to-the-touch batata harra) that stand out in a Detroit metro area teeming with them.”

View the full New York Times 50 most vibrant and delicious restaurants of 2021 tally here.

Here are some of our favorite things about the Mitten:

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