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It’s tough to exercise when it’s cold out, and that’s the excuse I’m going to use for why Michigan has one of the most out-of-shape cities in the entire U.S. I always exercise inside in the winter, and that definitely makes it a lot less fun. It’s only December, and I already miss being able to get my exercise on outside in 80-degree weather.

The staff at WalletHub recently did a study on the most “sinful” cities in the U.S., and in it, they also looked at the cities with the highest percentage of adults that don’t exercise. While cities such as Seattle, Washington; South Burlington, Vermont; and Irvine, California were among the most physically fit, one Michigan city was not.

When it comes the the “Highest Percentage of Adults Not Exercising,” WalletHub ranked Detroit at No. 4 on the list. That’s in the entire country, so not so good. Detroit was only behind Laredo, Texas; Brownsville, Texas; and Newark, New Jersey for the number of non-exercising adults. Coming in at No. 5 was Hialeah, Florida.

The aforementioned Seattle, Washington, was the city with the “Lowest Percentage of Adults Not Exercising,” meaning the most physically fit, followed by South Burlington, Vermont. Irvine, California; Scottsdale, Arizona; and Overland Park, Kansas, were also in the top five for the most fit cities. Find the full study via WalletHub here.

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