J Steele

3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m

Despite the hip hop community celebrating the newfound friendship between Drake and Kanye West, there’s one person who isn’t quite ready to sing kumbaya around the proverbial campfire.

It’s been nearly a week since Big Sean laid out his personal issues with Kanye West on the Drink Champs podcast, revealing that ‘Ye still owes him $6 million, amongst other things.

The Detroit native took issue with Kanye showering praise on Drake, citing that Drake released music aimed at disparaging West as well as West forcing his verse on the Drake / Sean hit, “Blessings”.

Big Sean, who got his start under the wing of Kanye West, sees himself as someone who hasn’t gone against the “Donda” rapper and has been set to the sidelines for someone who’s publicly dissed West.

I can see where Big Sean is coming from. Kanye and Drake’s beef was very public and to see their much celebrated reunion after plenty of personal attacks while you’re left on the curb waiting for wrongs against you to be righted – I’d be a little salty as well.